Debunking the Overhead Myth

While progressive funders and social justice organizations are considered partners in their goal to advance social and environmental justice, there is one area where these two communities experience ongoing tension - Overhead and the role it plays in advancing the mission of an organization.

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Learn about Spring's High Impact Facilitation Intensive

 The purpose of the program is to develop advanced-level competencies in facilitation for collective action and impact.


Michelle Medeiros talks about the impact of the Facilitation Intensive

This is a short interview with Michelle Medeiros, a graduate of Spring Strategies' 2018 High Impact Facilitation Intensive that took place in Amsterdam. In the interview, she reflects on her time during the 3-day workshop that launches the 4-month facilitation training program.


Facilitator Amis Boersma talks about our High Impact Facilitation Program

Have you ever sat in a meeting thinking you were wasting your time; daydreaming about the other things you could be doing; distracted by your phone; knowing you didn’t really have a say in the outcome? Meetings have a bad reputation, and let’s face it, there’s reason for that. Amis Boersma became a facilitator as a result of those very thoughts and feelings.

In the following interview, I speak with Spring Strategies associate Amis Boersma about how to facilitate meetings that are dynamic, meaningful and impactful.