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We support changemakers

From human rights defenders and young activists to Indigenous groups and philanthropic funders — on their path to individual and collective transformation. Our offerings focus on leadership coaching, building financial strength, and igniting more meaningful collaborations so you can accelerate your impact and build a better world.


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Leap of Leadership

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Financial Innovation & Resilience (FIRE)

Build your organization’s financial strength

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Reimagining Collaboration

Unlock the potential of working with others

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Leadership Coaching

Achieve your leadership development goals


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3 top fundraising flops
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How shall we meet?
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Navigating transitions

What our clients say about us

As a CFO, the strategic finance section was my favorite part. I've been working in nonprofit finance for over 20 years and this was by far, the most helpful way of thinking about financial health and the mix of funding sources.

I was surprised by how fast I progressed from being scared to being able to step into my leadership more fully, owning and even enjoying the more challenging aspects of it.

After participating in this program, I realized I can embrace facilitation as a critical ability to support everything I do. It's not just about organizing or hosting meetings. It's about expanding our capacity to see, listen and sense people, both individually and collectively, and have clarity about shared goals, tensions, polarities, being able to hold the space for what emerges with awareness and flexibility.

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