Spring is a global capacity accelerator for social and climate justice leaders.


Our purpose is to support change leaders around the world in accelerating their individual and collective capacities to realize ambitious goals to solve systemic problems. 

We partner with people and organizations to develop ways of thriving in complexity, gaining fresh perspectives and forging powerful new pathways for change. 

Our programs are purpose-driven future-ready. We support our partners to apply what they learn to their unique mission and respond to emerging challenges and opportunities with smart risk-taking and bold, creative new moves. Our program areas focus on leadership coaching, financial resilience and facilitation and collaboration.


Picture of two women attending a Spring program.

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How we work

Our customized approach builds on the unique strengths and potential of each individual, team or organization. We'll encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and take leaps of leadership.

We create environments for learning, creativity and innovation through challenging conversations, out-of-the-box thinking and hands-on practice. We're driven by practicality, which is why we bring cutting-edge ideas to the table in a down-to-earth way of working.


the challenges of our clients and the areas where they need support. Assessment, exploration and accompaniment.

Customize and Calibrate

our services to build on the unique strengths and potential of individuals and organizations at any given stage of development.

Bridge and Collaborate

between individuals, organizations, sectors and movements, as part of a larger ecosystem of interdependent relationships.


hearts and minds, actions, relationships and systems. Participants and organizations develop a ‘new normal’ and the tools to sustain it.

Sustain Momentum

through peer support, ongoing coaching and accompaniment, and continued education through online seminars and a community of practice.

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