Integral Coaching® and accompaniment is for people and groups committed to trying ‘different’ and ready to accelerate their personal development and leadership capacity.

Our coaching program starts with the specific challenges our client faces today, develops concrete and mutually agreed-upon objectives and practices, and ends with the client reaching those objectives, and, in many cases, exceeding them.

We offer individual coaching programs as well as coaching and leadership development for teams. Spring Strategies coaches are certified Integral Master Coaches™, based in different regions of the world and can offer coaching in multiple languages.



We offer individuals personalize Executive Coaching. A typical coaching program takes 10-12 months and includes ten coaching sessions, the possibility of quick check-ins around specific issues or challenges and a sharing of resources.


Our Executive Coaching services also extend to working with leadership teams that want to develop competencies to meet challenges or roadblocks they are facing or prepare for new and exciting opportunities.