Civil society organizations need financial strength to thrive.

How are you building it?

Spring's Financial Innovation and Resilience (FIRE) program is internationally acclaimed. It teaches the fundamentals of financial resilience and includes the latest approaches in financing models, transformative partnerships with funders, an ever-evolving funding and investment landscape, resource development and diversification, strategic finance, external communications. Our integration of the mindsets, practices, relationships and systems needed to support financial shifts will help you keep momentum up. 


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“It teaches you about more than finance – communication, humanity, leadership.”

“This course will completely change your views and feelings on money and relationships with donors.”

“This helped me to change my attitude and face fundraising.”

“Channel the power of financial resilience to drive purpose and create impact.”

“This will help us realize our mission of using social business models to change our country!”

“After this training, we dared to move forward with the initial steps of an individual donor initiative, in which we are now investing to implement permanently.”

“This helps us take the next step to diversifying income by building an authentic and powerful purpose.”

“Now our grantees see the connection between a good pitch and a good outcome - it means clarifying their vision and mission, articulating it, and laying out what they seek to do.”

“I learned that it’s OK to say no when the offer doesn’t meet with your organization’s goals.”

“Before anything related to money had a negative connotation. Now we have franker and more natural conversations about money.”