Amsterdam 2018 High Impact Facilitation Intensive Case Study

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Why "monitoring & evaluation" aren't enough. @FayDTwersky on the power of feedback to improve organizational effectiveness: #feedbackempowers

Juana Kweitel
Executive Director, Conectas

Three years after our staff team went gone through the financial resilience program, I can see how it has helped us talk differently about money. Working on human rights gave us energy but anything related to money had a negative connotation. Now we are in a place where we have franker and more natural conversations about money. Also, program staff have perceived how central the people working on finance and operations are to the core mission of the organization.  It has empowered them and others can see their value more clearly. Overall, more members of our staff are engaged in fundraising for the organization.

Robert Hamblin
Artist, Gender activist

Ellen once asked me what my first memory of money was. Of course I did not answer her because as an artist and gender activist in the mire of being angry with capitalism and patriarchy, she might as well have asked me what my first memory of misogyny was.  But I do hate being a cliché and it did seem strange that on paper my career looked shockingly successful compared to my balance sheet  which was a boring composition of reds and minuses. We were both curious about this - enough to spend some time together - time which she might call coaching and work. I on the other hand, would rather call it love and healing.  I never did tell her my first memory of money but my brain no longer links having fiscal health with the things I am opposed to in the world. My first memory of money is now clear to me and also the fact that it has always been with me, how it has come to me. Now it is easy to follow this path intentionally.

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Such a critical resource - check out @CIVICUSMonitor most recent report on closed and (more) open societies, with real live updates, mostly downgrades. @SpringStrat

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One year after @JustinTrudeau's historic apology the #lgbtpurge Fund is up and running. Big step in Canada's journey of collective reconciliation, recognition & remembrance. #thefruitmachine Honoured to help facilitate #whereintheworldisEllen @SpringStrat

The Importance of Financial Resilience

Amis Agung Boersma Interview

Bangkok 2018 Financial Resilience Intensive Case Study

Time for Reflection and Exploration

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FAV QUOTES 10 of 10: #moneyandmovements: "As feminists we need to develop new & uncomfortable partnerships that help us understand, map & respond to the trends around us so that we are not caught off guard". @AWID @mamacash @jass4justice @ThinkCREA @UrgentAct @SpringStrat

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This week I am in Torrey - Utah to learn from @Diane_Hamilton & @mileskessler @TheIntegralDojo on working w/ conflict & tension in groups. Of course it all starts with the facilitator (me!) and my relationship to conflict. #whereintheworldisEllen #4justfuture @SpringStrat

Amany Alhadka
Chief of Operations, The MATCH International Women's Fund

This opportunity came just at the right time as we were ready to invest in our financial resilience and improve our financial performance overall.  The in-person training plus accompaniment in the months that follow takes you on a journey from scanning the funding landscape and thinking strategically about how to diversify your funding, to the tactics and tools you need to improve your organization's financial health and resilience. This is one of the most paradigm shifting, practical and interactive courses I've ever attended and I would highly recommend it to those who are looking for a different and fresh look at building greater financial strength.

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Great start to @PrideToronto - a 5k run in 30 minutes! Good vibes gave me wings #whereintheworldisEllen

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FAV QUOTES 9 of10 #moneyandmovements "We need to talk about policy coherence. Why are most foundation endowments still invested in companies doing the things their grant money is trying to undo or prevent?" @AWID @mamacash @ThinkCREA @jass4justice @UAFAfrica @SpringStrat

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FAV QUOTES 8 of 10 #moneyandmovements "Is feminism about protecting all life? It's critical to intersect with the deep transformative power of indigenous perspectives on collaboration, money, activism & protecting the planet." @jass4justice @AWID @mamacash @ThinkCREA @SpringStrat

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FAV QUOTES 7 of 10 #moneyandmovements "We need compelling stories that will take us into the future; stories adjusted to the different audiences we want to reach. We need a higher profile." @AWID @jass4justice @ThinkCREA @SpringStrat @mamacash @UrgentAct @FJS @openRights_oD

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FAV QUOTE 6 of 10 #moneyandmovements "New opportunities come w/ closing of civic space: bigger ambitions, more collaboration, greater collective power and innovations in mobilizing funds" @AWID @mamacash @thinkcrea @ThinkCREA @jass4justice @SpringStrat @CIVICUSalliance @UrgentAct

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Excellent article on 5 things nonprofits need to do get off the treadmill and scale: testing and innovation; measuring impact; fundraising experimentation; leading collaboratively, and storytelling #moneyandmovements @kkellyjanus @springstrat

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FAV QUOTE 5 of 10 #moneyandmovements "Donors taught me how to be an NGO, it was a funding requirement. Today donors complain ab/t NGO-ization. It is high time we self-identify what organizational forms best serve our purpose" @jass4justice @AWID @ThinkCREA @mamacash @SpringStrat

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FAV QUOTE 4 of 10 #moneyandmovements "Self-generated funds r like vegetables while donor grants r like candy - crowding out the more time-consuming & complex work of creating alt resource models, incl funds from individuals" @AWID @jass4justice @mamacash @ThinkCREA @SpringStrat

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FAV QUOTE 3 of 10 #moneyandmovements We need 2 become a stronger, more collective force 4 change. How 2 broaden the feminist tent w/o losing depth, making sure multiple perspectives, identities & localities inform organizing? @AWID @mamacash @jass4justice @ThinkCREA @SpringStrat

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FAV QUOTE 2 of 10 #moneyandmovements "How relevant will our work be in a world of climate catastrophe? Feminists & environmentalists need to intersect more & we need more feminist leaders in climate justice orgs" @AWID @mamacash @ThinkCREA @jass4justice @SpringStrat @joannadkerr

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FAV QUOTE 1 from #moneyandmovements convo on feminist organizing & resourcing: "Funding feminism is a martial art- we need ninja skills to make the case to new & difference audiences" #moneyandmovements @SpringStrat #whereintheworldisEllen @jass4justice @AWID @mamacash @ThinkCREA

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Here with @Integral_Coach_ and 75 #IntegralMasterCoaches™ in a retreat talking about accelerating #socialtransformation - with @Annewrightdotca, Márcia Kodama @ Steve Beckett #WhereInTheWorldisEllen Missing you @AgabaTindy @ACunningham2013 @Aparna @danipcosta @SpringStrat

Rethinking Funding for Women's Rights

Nairobi 2018 High Impact Facilitation Intensive Case Study

Wilson Facilitation Intensive Reflections

Jabulani Pereira Chen
Founder & Executive Director, Iranti
Being the founder of Iranti allowed me to dream and imagine how I could make a difference in a world fraught with inequalities. However, transcending from a founder and dreamer to someone creating an impactful organization required me to learn and unlearn a number of things. Through my coaching with Ellen I gained new perspectives and skills on the essence of leadership, communication, generosity, self-care, collective resilience and managing tensions. It has enabled me to build an amazing team and sustainable organization. I have learned to appreciate the power of reflection and love the new possibilities that come with leading an organization at the forefront of change. 
Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro
Executive Director, Global fund for Women
Menlo Park

Ellen probes deep and helps individuals and groups move beyond rhetoric and embrace strategy. Ellen's feminism liberates for greater inclusiveness. She helps individuals and groups realize and own their potential and power.

Ben Phillips
Campaigns and Policy Director, Action Aid

Working with Ellen helped me deliver what I wanted to at work, but it was much more than that. It helped me strengthen my understanding and my relationships with colleagues, and myself. She combines being a frank, no nonsense giver of feedback with being a wonderful generosity of spirit and deep kindness. I always knew, and could feel, that she was helping me to develop as a leader and as an enabler of others. I still reflect on the exercises and discussions and insights that came from working with Ellen - she took me beyond my comfort zone in a way that made it fun to do so.

Marissa Wesely
CEO, Win-Win Strategies
New York

Ellen Sprenger is a master facilitator. Her wide-ranging knowledge and down-to-earth demeanor allows her to connect easily to a group and foster sometimes difficult conversations.  She provides direction and structure, but always adapts to the energy in the room, and does so with enormous grace and a sense of humor. Our group developed great cohesion and came up with fabulous actionable ideas in record time.  The impact of Ellen’s facilitation continues to this day given the important connections that were made, and the ideas that were generated, at that meeting.  What she did over those two days felt like magic.

Krizna Gomez

This was by far the best facilitation training I have ever attended, and I have gone through many. Moving from facilitating at the grassroots level in the Philippines--with indigenous peoples, victims, security forces and community activists--to "bigger" international spaces with funders, academics, and global advocates was an uncomfortable transition for me. I always felt that while I could leverage my community roots as a facilitator, I also had some capabilities lacking for this new area. Going through the High Impact Facilitation Intensive made me appreciate this dilemma in an entirely different way--I could embrace more fully my unique skillset while also being aware of other areas I can strengthen myself in, always keeping in mind the particular needs and character of the group. I am not only a more confident facilitator I am also capable of bringing out the best in my co-facilitators.

Maurice Makoloo
Representative for Eastern Africa, Ford Foundation

I was really happy to see that as a result of taking part in the Financial Resilience program grantee confidence in fundraising has grown. I was happy that they could see the connection between a good pitch and a good outcome and to see their ability to clarify vision and mission, articulate it, and lay out what they seek to do. The other gratifying thing to see is the partnerships emerging within the organizations between the ED, the financial officer, and program director.

Mallika Dutt
Founder, Breakthrough

How does one realize one's vision of human rights and social justice with integrity, with imagination, with creativity? Ellen will challenge you to find the best in your self and your team to create inspiring and practical leadership, strategies and structures. If you have an opportunity to work with Ellen, grab it.

Donna Hall
President, Women Donors Network
San Francisco

Ellen Sprenger and her group, including Nicole Regalado and Elizabeth Seja Min, take a comprehensive, unique and creative approach to strategic visioning/planning.  Building off a corporate future scenario planning model, they adapted a process and a series of activities that took our 200 member organization a year to complete, with very high participation levels.  Ellen's ability as a creative thinker, researcher, and collaborator was extraordinary, and as a result of our work with her, we move forward into a new five-year cycle with a bold vision of where we want to be and a series of objectives that will help to get us there. We look forward to our next project with Spring Strategies!

Ellen's Interview

The End of the Grant Era

AWDF Financial Resilience In-House Case Study

The Pathway to Transformational Relationships and Financial Resilience

Amsterdam 2017 High Impact Facilitation Intensive Case Study

Silvana Facilitation Intensive Reflections

Amsterdam 2017 High Impact Facilitation Intensive

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Three generations of @mamacash leadership, dressed (and ready!) for the future #MoneyAndMovements #countmein

Debunking the Overhead Myth

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FAV QUOTE 4 of 10 #moneyandmovements "Self-generated funds r like vegetables while donor grants r like candy - crowding out the more time-consuming & complex work of creating alt resource models, incl funds from individuals" @AWID @jass4justice @mamacash @ThinkCREA @SpringStrat

Yvette Kathurima

The Financial Resilience program offered by Spring Strategies was a life changer for me. Prior to the course, I always thought of resource mobilization as this enormously difficult thing to undertake. I was worried that I did not have enough experience or skills to be able to write winning proposals and appeal to donors. Transformation for me was swift as it actually began during the course. The Financial Resilience program created a huge paradigm shift for me in how I relate with donors which has been extremely useful for me to date. The program addresses how to powerfully communicate your work to different stakeholders and has empowered me to train other program staff on stories of impact. I would strongly recommend the course to anyone who feels that they need a new approach to financial resilience, especially in this context of diminishing funds for CSO work globally. The course works as it brings together finance staff with leadership functions on communications and resource mobilization, and supports a holistic approach where staff together develop an organization wide financial resilience plan and practice. Take the course, you won’t regret it!

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iwd2018 in #amsterdam with @guerrillagirls celebrating art and activism @Stedelijk & hanging out with the amazing @zohramoosa ED @mamacash #feminismrocks

Gastón Chillier
Executive Director, CELS

When we joined the Financial Resilience Program in 2016 we were in a stable financial position with steady growth but knew we needed to reduce our dependency on grants and diversify our funding. This program allowed for our leadership team to brainstorm and we came out with greater alignment in thinking and clarity about the actions needed to make this shift. As a concrete result, we dared to move forward with the initial steps of an individual donor initiative, in which we are now investing to implement permanently and more professionally, as well as a social enterprise. We also improved our ability to better align our support requests around our core mission, which implies a substantial change in our financial sustainability. I am confident about CELS’ financial future and recommend the program to others.

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