Stories of transformation

Read about how our partners arrived at “aha” moments, strengthened their teams, accelerated their collective impact and experienced self and collective transformation.


Three young female climate activists at a protest with signs like
Spring founder Ellen Sprenger holds up a fake microphone to two smiling women during a training

20 years

of supporting changemakers on their path to individual and collective transformation.


A woman speaks in the middle of a row of her female colleagues during a training


social and climate justice organizations, collectives and donors supported to build their financial strength, ignite more impactful collaborations and reach their leadership development goals.
An Indigenous woman looks up during a FIRE training in Mexico

8,000+ individuals

from human rights defenders and young activists to Indigenous groups and philanthropic funders — engaged with us in almost 100 countries.
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25% of clients

participated for free or at accessible rates as part of our commitment to economic justice and aim to dismantle cost barriers that prevent people from joining our programs.
A woman in the middle of a group during a training, pointing her finger upwards as she talks to other participants

97% of clients

who went through our FIRE program would recommend it to their friends and colleagues. 100% of our Reimagining Collaboration clients and 97% of our coaching clients would also recommend Spring to others.


We support a global network of movements, organizations, networks and foundations.
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Stories of transformation

Read our impact stories from across all of our program offerings

The FIRE Journey of Indonesia Corruption Watch

Summary Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) is an organization in transition. Where it was once a group of committed activists doing the hard work of holding the government accountable, it is now ...

The FIRE Journey of Coordenadoria Ecumênica de Serviço

Summary For more than 45 years in Brazil, Coordenadoria Ecumênica de Serviço (CESE) has been providing financial support to groups that promote and defend human rights. The work they do serves many ...

The FIRE Journey of Action for Hope

Summary “When we put arts and culture at the centre of social change processes, we are catalyzing a landscape of hope.” – Basma El Husseiny, Executive Director Action for Hope’s work is at the ...

The FIRE Journey of the Legal Resources Centre

Summary The Legal Resources Centre (LRC) in South Africa is a forty-year-old organization with a rich history and legacy. Over the years it has reinvented itself several times to meet the current ...

The FIRE Journey of ProDESC

Summary The Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights Project (Proyecto de Derechos Económicos, Sociales y Culturales, A.C. or ProDESC) is a Mexican human rights defense organization founded in 2005 by ...