How can we and our communities thrive and have a bigger impact? Since 2019, our Leap of Leadership monthly meet-ups bring together coaches, facilitators and other experts to help changemakers in Spring’s community build the strategies, perspectives and skills to master thoughtful and cutting-edge leadership. 

Hosted by Spring CEO Ellen Sprenger (Canada) and Spring Associate Purity Kagwiria (Kenya), both of whom have deep roots in feminist and philanthropic movements powering change. Ellen and Purity together, and with thinkers and leaders from around the world cover vital topics in social justice leadership. These sessions have explored topics like power and privilege, giving and receiving feedback, dealing with uncertainty, polarity management, creativity, sleep, our bodies in an increasingly online world, and more. Learn more about Ellen and Purity.

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A free monthly meetup

Images of Ellen (short brown hair, white skin) and Purity (wearing a brightly coloured head wrap, dark skin) Meeting online every month, this free drop-in community meetup brings social and climate justice advocates worldwide together for interactive exchanges and leadership development. The space has focused on curated conversations exclusively for our program alumni around the world. It's also been an important space to build relationships and exchange experiences. Together, we explore topics in-depth, through inputs, tools and concrete practices. 

The 90-minute online sessions are designed for you if you are:  

  1. Feeling the pain of the gap between the reality of today and what you know is possible.
  2. Wanting to learn more about "taking a leap of leadership" and obtain new tools and practices to try out.
  3. Interested in connecting with a group of like-minded individuals to learn from each other.

To be part of the Leap of Leadership community, you'll need to sign up for our monthly newsletter. We'll share the monthly invitations, Zoom link and resources with you before and after each session. Sign up via the link below. We look forward to meeting you soon! 

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