We believe it is through powerful, multi-actor conversations and collaborations that ambitious social and climate justice goals are realized. Successful meetings tap into the collective intelligence of a group, reshape how a problem is perceived, influence perspectives on how to affect change, and help find new ways of joining forces. They lead to new levels of strategic alignment and collective action across individuals, organizations, movements and sectors.

We offer customized design and facilitation support for conferences, workshops, symposia and other events, as well as facilitation training programs that support experienced individuals take their facilitation to the next level. 



Our public facilitation Intensives support participants in the development of advanced-level competencies in complex facilitation for collective action and impact. Participants work to realize personal developmental goals and demonstrate newly acquired facilitation capacities. The intensive is followed by a 4-month long process of individual coaching and peer learning. High Impact Facilitation Intensives take place in different locations around the world.


We work with organizations to offer customized in-house facilitation training to support experienced facilitators generating new levels of strategic alignment, engagement and collective action with their partners and among colleagues.

Customized Facilitation Support

Ellen Sprenger, a Certified Integral Facilitator® with years of international experience, offers customized design and facilitation support for conferences, workshops, symposia and other events.