Reimagining Collaboration

Where: Zoom

Intensive dates & times: October 22-23-24 (UTC 13:00 - 16:30)

Accompaniment dates & times: October 31, November 7, November 14 (UTC 13:00 - 14:30)

Female facilitator, warmly carrying out the in-person activities of the Reimagining Collaboration program
The future is collaborative. How are you meaningfully working with others?

Join us for Reimagining Collaboration this October, a month-long, online developmental journey where we will explore and practice shaping more transformative collaborations. The program focuses on three core collaborative capacities and ways of integrating them into your work — both in the moment with groups and in the design and preparation of collaborative spaces:

Navigating complexity and multiple perspectives

Explore different ways that people relate to collaborative work, and deepen your understanding of how to work with complexity and multiple perspectives, including storytelling. 

Staying open and connected to yourself and to others

Learn to recognize and work with the intelligence of your body and all your somatic senses when working collectively — and practice creating space for others to do the same.

Working with tension and conflict

Explore resourceful ways of being with strong emotions, tension, and disagreement so that you can meet those moments with clarity and care.

This program has supported organizations like Greenpeace, UN Women, Fenomenal Funds and youth climate justice activists. Our approach creates a robust, meaningful, and fun creative learning environment, while also integrating reflection and feedback for your individual developmental journey. Throughout the month, you’ll spend time practicing new skills and connecting with other participants who are also working towards building better collaborations for a more just and life-sustaining world.


What to expect

We’ll help you harness your unique gifts as a facilitator. Join a global cohort of changemakers to:
  • Develop a deeper awareness of your own habits and patterns when collaborating, including strengths and areas to work on

  • Practice techniques for working with multiple perspectives, storytelling, and conflict and tension in a group

  • Explore strategies for staying open and connected in collective spaces by recognizing your somatic responses

  • Build confidence recognizing and responding to what a group needs, both in the moment and through design

  • Apply your learning through role plays and facilitation exercises

  • Identify and work towards specific developmental goals with the support of a coach and a small group of peers

  • Connect and learn with a supportive global community that understands your context and shares similar challenges

  • Access a digital portfolio of resources, tools, and practices you can adapt to your unique context

Program Overview

Reimagining Collaboration is a month-long virtual program, starting with three half-day sessions (called the Intensive), followed by three weekly 90-minute accompaniment sessions. 

Participants will also have access to all program tools and resources through Spring’s online Leadership Lab.

Join with your team to optimize impact. Together you will establish:

  • a shared understanding of how you currently work as a group along with language and frameworks to help you collaborate more effectively in the future;
  • a greater capacity to articulate and work with internal challenges and tensions; and
  • the opportunity to practice and integrate new tools and strategies as colleagues in a no-stakes environment.


Intensive Day 1: Collaborative Competencies

Start building awareness of your habitual patterns in collaborations and spend time practicing designing and holding spaces for multiple stories and perspectives.

Intensive Day 2: Conflict & Tension

Explore how you experience conflict, deal with common tensions that arise in collaborations, and practice new approaches for moving through disagreement and stuckness in resourceful ways.

Intensive Day 3: Your Developmental Plan

Put everything together and work with a small peer group and a coach to identify new facilitation moves you want to try out and develop a plan for keeping momentum in your developmental journey.

Week 2-4: Accompaniment & Integration

With weekly online sessions and assignments, you’ll have opportunities to integrate your learnings into your daily work. Practice trying new facilitation moves, reflect further on your own patterns, and dig deeper into the different themes and topics that inspire you with continued support from your cohort and instructors.


The program dates and session times are as follows:

Day 1-3

(3.5 hour sessions)
13:00 - 16:30 UTC

*Click on the dates above to convert to your time zone.

Day 4-6

(1.5 hour sessions)
13:00 - 14:30 UTC

*Note that several regions will go through time changes over the course of the accompaniment sessions. Session times will follow a 13:00 UTC start. Click on the dates above to convert to your time zone.


Your facilitators

 Barbara Oliveira Barbara Oliveira
Barbara Oliveira
Kenny Sajous-Georges Kenny Sajous-Georges_leadership move
Kenny Sajous-Georges
Lucas Paulson Lucas Paulson
Lucas Paulson
Lead, Collaborations

Sliding scale

We work to make our programs as accessible as we can and offer a sliding scale with three tiers of program payment rates. 
When you register below, please choose the fee based on your circumstances.

Three excited women actively participating in the dynamics of the Reimagining Collaboration program
1. Redistribution Rate: US $1000

This is for organizations based in the Global North or with an annual budget above US$2 million. It’s also designed for individuals with access to wealth or with an annual income over US$70,000. Payment at this rate covers the costs of the program and allows for a contribution to support the participation of organizations and individuals with less access to wealth.

2. Full Cost Rate: US $750

This is for organizations with an annual budget above US$1-2 million. It’s also designed for individuals with an annual income of US$50,000 - US$70,000. 

3. Solidarity Rate: US $375 

This is for organizations with an annual budget of under US$1 million. It’s also designed for individuals with an annual income of under US$50,000. Payment at this rate covers 50% of total costs. 

Don’t see an affordable rate? 

If the Solidarity Rate is not affordable to you, please get in touch with us to let us know and we can discuss what might be possible. Please click here for more details on Spring's sliding scale.

Have more questions?

Click on our most frequently asked questions to learn more about who this program is for, whether you should join with your team, and program costs.

Is the program online or in-person?

Throughout the year we offer both in-person and virtual versions of Reimagining Collaboration. This program will be held entirely online. For our other program offerings throughout the year, please go to our events page.

I’m not a facilitator. Can I still attend this program?

Part of the reason we have focused this program on “collaboration” is because we believe that collaborating well involves everyone in the room, not just the person who is leading, structuring, or facilitating the space. This program is all about building self-awareness, practicing new skills, and working towards personal developmental goals related to group work. Even if you have never led a meeting before, this program will equip you with new skills and confidence engaging more meaningfully in collaboration.

I am an experienced facilitator. What will this program offer me?

The more experience working with groups that you bring to your cohort, the deeper our conversations can be. Our program does integrate practical tools and approaches that may or may not be familiar to you; however, our approach to the training is centered around both peer learning and personal development. So even if you are an experienced facilitator, this program will still support you in identifying specific developmental areas for you to strengthen and deepen your practice.

Should I join with other members of my team?

This program is great for individuals, but joining with other members of your team can deepen your understanding of how you work together. This program is particularly helpful in offering shared language and concepts that will enable you to discuss how you collaborate as a team, articulate internal tensions, and practice new ways of working together in a no-stakes environment.

We frequently offer discounts for teams of 3 or more participants joining. If you are interested, please reach out to

What is included in the cost of the program?

The program fee covers the cost of all program materials and sessions, including: the three-day Intensive, online accompaniment, and access to the online Learning Lab.

I’m not sure I can afford the training.

We offer sliding scale rates for all our programs. If the full cost rate is inaccessible to you, please reach out to and we will discuss what might be possible.


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