Young people are spearheading efforts and solutions to build a more inclusive and just world for us all. We explored this during our October Leap of Leadership event where we spoke with youth climate leaders about how they see power dynamics, intersectionality and maintaining hope in our approach to the climate crisis. 

In December 2022, within the annual campaign 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence (GBV), we continued the conversation with youth activists and directed our attention to their fight for gender equality and safety. The campaign shines a spotlight on the powerful role of women’s rights movements in preventing and eliminating violence against women and girls. In this conversation, hosts Ellen Sprenger and Purity Kagwiria reflect on their youth activism and speak with GBV youth activists Sana Ahmad and Meghna Mehra about the challenges they're facing and the changes they're making.

Listen to this 35-minute audio summary of the conversation’s highlights.

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About the speakers

Meghna Mehra is an author and an activist whose work revolves around women and LGBTQIA+ rights in India. She is the founder of the All India Queer Association, and her recent book "Mini Dictionary of the LGBTQIA+ Community" helps readers to navigate different definitions of various gender identities and sexual orientations. She has also written the books, "Marriage of Convenience" and "The Ghost from Revolutionary Past."

Sana Ahmad is a women and transgender rights activist from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, with a law degree focused on human rights. She has been working in the area of gender equality, gender-based violence, peace, sustainable development, women and transgender rights and youth engagement since 2017. Sana is a strategic advocacy expert who is committed to ensuring that marginalized voices are centered and reflected in today's society and decision-making processes.