Why is facilitating so important right now?

In recent years we've witnessed powerful victories for human rights, watershed moments in the fight for climate action and encouraging shifts in mindset in a world struggling to end extreme inequality and dismantle colonization. We've also struggled to adapt to resource constraints, the uncertainty and devastation of covid-19, political polarization and burnout as we respond to crisis after crisis.  

Many of us already feel called to prioritize more compassionate modes of working, distributed networks of power and solidarity, and holistic ways of relating to one another and to nature. Some of the ideas and trends are new. Some are ancient, gaining ground as once-silenced communities lead the way forward—fusing the wisdom of the past, the technology of the present and the possibility of the future. 

Skillful facilitation is a vital, but sometimes overlooked, part of stewarding radical hope and action. Meaningful and integral collaboration is critical to building the sustainable and liberated worlds we long for.

Reimagining Collaboration is for people who are interested in radical shifts, catalytic conversations and how to be powerful agents of social change shaping humanity's next chapter.