Who we serve

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If you are committed to advancing social or climate justice, and long to bridge the gap between where we are today and what you know is possible, we’d love to support you in taking the next, bold leap. We support people who live to make a difference, whether they are in school, retired, self-employed or work in government, corporate sector, non-profits or social enterprise.

Our programs are designed to build clear and compelling visions for your work, and yourself as a leader. Our global team of Integral Coaches™ supports individuals in realizing ambitious personal goals and aspirations. We also offer advanced-level training in facilitation of complex meetings and collaborations.

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Organizations and Networks

Spring supports organizations and networks to get to the next level of impact. Through our High Impact Facilitation, Financial Resilience, Future Framing and Integral Coaching™ programs, we fuel advance-level capacities in teams already working together.

The Spring Team will work with you on custom requirements and adapt programs for your organization’s specific needs. Any engagement with Spring will come with cross-learning perspectives from other organizations and access to a network of like-minded change-makers.

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Foundations and Donors

We work with innovative, forward-looking foundations and other donors committed to strengthening their own capacity and the capacity of their grantee partners.

Our programs are adapted to the specific needs of grantee cohorts as well as Foundation and donor staff and board teams. Over the years, we have offered Financial Resilience, High Impact Facilitation, Integral Coaching™ and Future Framing support to various groups of foundations and donors, helping them achieve their goals as organizations and as groups that are part of a larger network and ecosystem.

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Governments and Corporations

We work with governments and corporations who believe in the vital role of civil society and use their influence to advance social and climate justice globally. In these customized engagements we help create strategic partnerships and programs to meet common goals for the common good. This can take the form of cross-sector engagement and facilitation of meetings and conferences, future scenario and strategy development or Integral Coaching™.

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