What We Do

Conference & Meeting Facilitation

Successful convenings tap into the collective intelligence of a group, reshape how a problem is perceived, influence perspectives on how to affect change and help find new ways of joining forces. They lead to new levels of strategic alignment and collective action across individuals, organizations, movements and sectors. We offer... Read more

Spring Forward

What if we could get to a just future faster? Spring Forward is a groundbreaking program that builds the financial resilience of frontline civil society organizations and their leaders and creates transformative partnerships with their investors. Originally known as the Financial Sustainability Program (FSP), Spring Forward was launched in 2012... Read more

Big Strategy

Put your organization into the future and see what happens. Effective strategy development not only defines a vision for the future and road map for getting there, it most of all cultivates a mindset and ability to explore, innovate and attune to emerging trends. Effective strategy development creates growing alignment... Read more

Troubleshooting & Solutions for Organizations

Experiencing challenges inside your organization but cannot quite figure out what is wrong? Do things seem harder than they should be, slowing down the organization’s ability to realize ambitious goals? We offer short and dynamic support to help leaders and organizations uncover underlying causes and identify concrete steps for tackling... Read more

Integral Coaching® & Leadership Development

Integral Coaching® is for people committed to trying ‘different’ and wanting to lead at the top of their game. A coach program starts with the specific challenges a client faces today, develops concrete and mutually agreed-upon objectives and ends with the client reaching those objectives, and possibly exceeding them. Ellen... Read more


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