What Makes This Intensive Unique?


Since 2012, the Financial Resilience program has supported leadership teams from over 125 rights and justice organizations in 20 countries. It is infused with experiences from organizations dealing with eroding rights and justice around the world, offering a rare opportunity to gain both global and local insights that can be applied in every organization.  

The June Intensive in San Francisco is only the second time Financial Resilience has been offered in the United States, and the first time on the West Coast.

In advance of the Intensive, you will have the opportunity to share information about your organization’s financial resilience successes and challenges, information that contributes to designing the sessions. On site, you will work in five key areas: Funding Landscape, Resource Development, Strategic Finance, Quality of Engagement and Leadership Practice. You will develop a customized plan with key actions for the next period. Post-intensive, you can enjoy growing your networks with other Financial Resilience graduates. You will also have the option to continue working with Spring Strategies by purchasing a package of customized coaching sessions offered only to graduates.


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