What Makes This Intensive Unique?

Program design

The High Impact Facilitation Program is a 4-month long program consisting of a 3-day Intensive followed by an accompaniment process where participants engage in applied learning, peer engagement and receive two individual coaching sessions. After four months, the program concludes with a 2-hour online completion meeting.


During the hands-on Intensive participants work towards the following outcomes:

  • Self-awareness of preferred styles and approaches and the ability to step outside of those patterns when needed.
  • The development of newly-acquired facilitation capacities.
  • Design of structures and methods that create the conditions for deeper, more satisfying and efficient engagement and collaboration. This includes:
  • How to sustain vibrancy, curiosity and motivation while navigating complexity
  • How to create a safe and inviting space
  • How to work with conflict
  • How to drive effective cross-sector collaboration.