Types of Coaching Services

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For Individuals

One-on-One Coaching. For individuals who face high levels of complexity and are looking to grow their leadership capacity in response. The program lasts 8 to 12 months, with monthly or biweekly sessions, according to individual needs. Individual coaching takes the form of a highly customized program that takes the client through cycles of development that progressively enable them to make meaningful progress.

Pod Coaching. Will guide you and up to 5 fellow change-makers though a modular program that will ensure you receive the support and motivation you need to take practical day-to-day steps and make real progress on your goals. The program includes 6 Pod coaching sessions alongside video and tools for building new capacities and skills. Each individual participant will have time during Pod sessions for customized feedback from the coach. More affordable than the individual coaching, this program also offers the opportunity to meet and grow with other leaders in the social and climate justice sector. We also have thematic Pods for those who have participated in our FIRE and Facilitation programs. Sign up for Pod Coaching


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For Organizations and Networks

Coaching for teams. This is for a group of people who are already working together. Every participant will have 6 individual coaching sessions to work on their particular coaching goal in the context of a larger, organizational or team level ambition. In addition, the team will meet for 4 sessions for cross learning, mutual support and overall team development. The specific details and timeline for this particular coaching program will be co-created and customized with each team.

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Community of Practice Webinars

A total of 10 webinars are offered annually, for all Spring Coaching clients. Webinars are highly interactive and cover leadership development related content and practices. These webinars are an opportunity for Spring Coaching clients to connect with fellow social and climate justice change makers and to grow and practice together.

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