Types of Coaching Services

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One-on-one coaching is a great option looking to rapidly deepen their leadership capacity in order to navigate high levels of complexity. The program lasts 8-12 months and involves meeting with your coach every 3-4 weeks. This is a highly customized process that takes the client through cycles of development that allow them to meet, even exceed, the goals they set at the beginning of the process.

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Pod-style Coaching

Pod coaching is a highly interactive, social and peer-learning-oriented model for getting coaching support and staying motivated to reach your goals. The program brings you together online with up to 4-5 other changemakers for six coaching sessions, alongside at-you-own-pace videos and tools for building new skills and capacities. Each individual participant will get customized feedback from the coach. More affordable than individual coaching, pod coaching is a great option for emerging leaders and resource-constrained organizations. It’s also a great way to grow your network, building relationships and solidarities across borders.

Team or Organizational-level Coaching

Team or organization-level coaching is a great option for co-executive directors or for teams already working together to take their collaboration to the next level, tackle strategic challenges and make the most of new opportunities. These programs are fully customized according to your needs and usually include team sessions (geared at peer-learning, mutual support and team development) as well as individual sessions for each team member. We can also offer customized pod coaching programs for your team.

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