What can we do today to build tomorrow’s feminist futures?


Join the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) and Spring for a look at co-leadership as one path forward!


Date: June 21, 2022
Time: 10 am ET / 2 pm UTC Check your time zone here (1 hour)
Where? Zoom (the event will also be live-streamed to Facebook)


AWID is one of the world’s major feminist movement support organizations. As it looks back on 40 years of struggle for gender justice, they've teamed up with us to talk about how co-leadership fits into feminist future-making.

Outgoing AWID co-executive directors Hakima Abbas and Cindy Clark look back on their time at the helm and get candid about the beauty and challenges of their co-leadership journey, as well as how AWID’s staff are living the change the world needs. Cindy and Hakima are joined by two Spring coaches that have supported AWID along the way, Ellen Sprenger and Márcia Kodama. Together, they talk about what it means to be in relationship with one another, think big, act in solidarity and have the brave conversations needed to stay accountable to one another. 

Join the session to get the exciting inside scoop on how organizations can lead with equity, fight burnout and take ambitious collective action. Learn how co-leadership and coaching might fit into your feminist future. We cannot change the world without changing ourselves. Disrupting leadership-as-usual, developing our own capacities and finding new and caring ways to build collective power is essential.


About the panelists

Hakima Abbas is an outgoing co-executive director of AWID and an African feminist who has been active in social movements for two decades. Learn more.

Cindy Clark is an outgoing co-executive director of AWID and a US-based feminist with a passion for exploring how organizations can better embody feminist values. Learn more.

Ellen Sprenger is a coach (Hakima and Cindy’s, in fact!) and the founder of Spring. She is a strategist for social and climate justice and has held senior positions at Oxfam-Novib and Mama Cash. Learn more.

Márcia Kodama is Spring’s Coaching Lead and a Japanese Brazilian Zen Monk. As a coach and facilitator, she has worked with feminist groups around the world, including AWID! Learn more.

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