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Befriending our nervous system

Wednesday, September 28, 2022 at 9am EDT (1pm UTC)

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Join hosts Purity Kagwiria and Ellen Sprenger.

Racing heart. Sweaty palms. A burst of energy ... or maybe freezing on the spot. When our nervous system is activated, our bodies often tell us when we've been triggered, feel hurt, are angry, and more. We can get swept up in these emotions but, with useful resources, we also have agency about how we respond to those initial signals. We'll explore our nervous system's response with Sandra Ljubinkovic, a feminist activist, movement facilitator, somatic therapist and trauma worker. She works on "holistic security," including the politics of self-care among activists.

Framed with the knowledge that oppression and liberation are social processes we can feel in the body, this session will bring new awareness and practices to our work as individuals and as organizations. 

The 90-minute meetup includes the usual combination of dynamic conversation, breakout groups, and practical tools.

The Leap of Leadership is Spring's free, monthly meet-up space that dives into exciting social justice topics and gives leaders a space to deepen their relationships with other changemakers around the world. Each session, we share perspectives and practical tools to help bridge the gap between the reality of today and the future we know is possible.


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