Scenario 3: ANNARES Acupuncture Revolution: Better Artificial Intelligence

In 2019, Artificial Intelligence began to take over decision-making in many aspects of daily life. It started with medical use, job search and voice recognition but soon took over banking, voting and policing, and medicine.

Feminists began to understand what this consolidation of power could mean: the potential of reversing years of social justice progress. Activists urgently needed to get into the AI system. They had to infiltrate the institutions being overtaken by AI, including finance, where new cryptocurrency technologies made it possible for the wealthy, terrorists and criminal cartels to hide and move money. A new anarchist group is created, called ANNARES, and a manifesto developed. ANNARES successfully infiltrates AI and redirects its focus to advancing feminist principles and futures.

Through the medium of the Feminist ANNARES holowaves, a virtual projection, participants experienced being part of the ANNARES resistance and underground movement. This scenario encouraged participants to explore the impact of technological disruption, and AI in particular. How will it inhibit and enable more just societies? And how about the role of highly centralized, high tech surveillance?  And also, how are we currently engaging with these trends, already underway?