Scenario 2: Climate Warriors  Surviving Climate Catastrophe

The world has been through painful and dramatic change. In the decade following 2018, the planet descended into climate catastrophe. Stable climates became a thing of the past. Governments spent huge amounts of money maintaining city infrastructures under siege by floods, fires and hurricanes. After years of trade wars, global co-operation and official Development Aid ceased to exist. The United Nations collapsed. All money was allocated domestically, to climate crisis-related humanitarian needs, and to security and surveillance. Right wing populist governments took over the world. Most societies became closed and insular. Governments spent tax monies to control and monitor the activities of their citizens. NGOs became a thing of the past. 

But eventually things began to change. Former NGO leaders stopped fighting each other for money and recognition and started working together in a common and global ‘Climate Warrior’ movement. This multi-actor movement, which started in the Pacific, succeeded in aligning business to contribute 10% of profits to this movement.

Two Climate Warrior leaders, an Indigenous Rights leader and a corporate leader, narrated the history and milestones of the Climate Warriors movement through a dialogue. This included how the world went from climate calamity and collapse of the old order, to a new, much more hopeful world that brings people back together, across civil society, corporate sector and governments. How key will climate crisis be to the well-being and rights of human beings? What are key turning points that reversed the disaster?