Scenario 1: Pop-up Feminism: ‘And the Award Goes To…’

Imagine a world where the feminist struggle – once the domain of groups of avant-garde independent feminist activists – has become well and truly pop! Musicians, actors, corporate leaders, social media influencers, men, women, transgender and intersex people – everyone \ has jumped in the pool and is swimming in feminist glitter! 

The balance of power in the world has shifted to the Global South and East, and has become more and more local. Mobile transfers, crowdsourcing and shopping-for-justice are powerful methods to get money to where it’s truly needed. People are organizing where they are, raising funds amongst themselves, making and selling their own products, and connecting to a vibrant celebrity activist scene. 

Campaigns to achieve feminism and gender equality are celebrated around the world. Brave local activism is more revered than any achievement in art or business.

Though the medium of an international awards show called the WE FOR WE AWARDS, – the world’s new ‘Academy Awards’! – participants experienced what excellence and best achievement in local activisms might look like in the future, by all genders and towards equality for all. What will it look like, when feminism becomes increasingly popular? What is the potential of this for real transformation? And what has been lost? And also, how to engage with elements of this trend that we are seeing today?