Remko Berkhout

Remko is part of our Facilitation program delivery team.

Strategist, Certified Integral Facilitator, collective intelligence for social transformation. Brings lightness and common sense to high-stakes settings. People power believer. Flyfishing addict, father of three lively little men. 

Home base



Portuguese, English, Dutch, German

Proudest achievements

the here and now ;-) A recent work related achievement that I am proud of is a research documentary on conflict and equality, for which I facilitated a 1- year process of co-creation among researchers and activists across cultures, continents and backgrounds.

You became a Spring Associate because…

We need to raise the game for social and environmental justice. This community is a precious source from which to serve that mission in an environment of deep learning, collaboration, creativity and commitment.

Your leadership philosophy

I see so much potential for global justice – in people, in organizations, in society at large. Leadership is about enabling more of that potential to come out and shine.