Reimagining Collaboration is a one-month-long program that kicks off with three days in person and is followed by three virtual 90-minute group accompaniment sessions. This program has supported organizations like Greenpeace, UN Women, the Ford Foundation and youth climate justice activists to work with tension and difficult conversations in complex group settings and design gatherings that meaningfully engage and connect diverse participants.

You'll spend time learning and exchanging ideas with Spring experts and a cohort of social justice leaders from around the world to gain:

  • A new awareness about your habitual patterns, strengths, and areas for development when collaborating
  • An understanding of facilitation strategies for collective storytelling, holding multiple perspectives, and working with tension in ways that can reclaim and rehumanize collective work
  • Confidence practicing new moves and applying a variety of tools to help keep people meaningfully engaged, deeply connected and moving forward towards shared goals

Join with your team to benefit from a shared understanding of how you work together, a greater capacity to articulate internal tensions, and the opportunity to practice new ways of collaborating in a no-stakes environment.