On Day 1 of the intensive course, you'll start building awareness of your habitual patterns in collaborations and spend time practicing holding space for multiple stories and perspectives. 

On Day 2, we'll discuss how we experience conflict, deal with common tensions that arise in collaborations, and use new approaches to apply decision-making rules and methods to move processes forward.

On Day 3, you'll put it all together and work with a small team of participants to workshop a plan for you to re-up your facilitation practice moving forward, identify the facilitation moves that you want to try out in your next meetings, and design gathering spaces that encourage creative collaboration. 

During the three days together you’ll have the opportunity to observe yourself, integrate your learnings, and build the confidence to try new moves. After the intensive, you'll dive deeper into themes of interest and developmental goals during a month-long virtual accompaniment process

Throughout the program and the three months afterward, you'll have access to all program tools and multimedia resources via Spring's Leadership Lab to bolster your learning journey.

Note that the language of instruction will be in English.