The future is collaborative. How are you shaping what it means to work together?

How we work together matters. Our ability to collaborate effectively is fundamental to the health of our teams and communities and the impact of the work that we do together for social and climate justice. Whether you lead meetings, hold space for multi-stakeholder gatherings or movements, or participate in team or community processes, you are a part of shaping meaningful collaborations. 

This program is a practical exploration of how we can enable and facilitate more transformative collaborations. We focus on deepening our self-awareness and developing the abilities to work creatively, intentionally, and whole-heartedly with the complexity of groups. 

As a species, we are failing in our relationships to one another and to life on this planet. If we are to survive, thrive, and heal, we know we need to reimagine how we live and work together. We need to find our way back to better teachers, fusing the wisdom of the past, the technology of the present, and our responsibility for the future.

We are all learning. We hope you’ll join us.

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Will you come?

$2,500.00 Redistribution Rate
This is for organizations based in the Global North or with an annual budget above US$2 million.
$2,000.00 Full Cost Rate
This is for organizations with an annual budget above US$1-2 million.