"This program is for anyone who participates in collective processes. Whether you are new to collaboration or a seasoned facilitator, it's a unique opportunity to learn, practice and build community at the same time." — Rebeca, Mexico/US (Reimagining Collaboration participant, February 2023)

Join us in Amsterdam this October for a newly designed intensive course where you'll have plenty time to form connections and practice new skills for more effective collaborations — whether that means working on meaningful solutions with your team or finding a way forward with organizations with opposing world views. Learn more about the program here and scroll down for more details about this in-person October 2023 training.

Reimagining Collaboration is a one-month-long program that kicks off with three days in person and is followed by three virtual 90-minute group accompaniment sessions and an optional coaching call. This program has supported organizations like Greenpeace, UN Women, the Ford Foundation and youth climate justice activists to work with power dynamics in complex meetings and design gatherings that meaningfully engage and connect diverse participants.

You'll spend time learning and exchanging ideas with Spring experts and a cohort of social justice leaders from around the world to gain:

  • a new awareness of your habitual patterns in collaborations, including strengths and areas to work on;
  • an understanding of collective storytelling as a powerful method of fostering connection and deep engagement;
  • a greater ability to work with conflict and tensions in generative ways;
  • new approaches to apply decision-making rules and methods to move processes forward; and
  • a digital portfolio of concrete tools, resources and practices you can experiment with and adapt to your unique context.

Join with your team to optimize impact. Together you will establish:

  • a shared understanding of how you work in collective currently along with language and frameworks to help you collaborate more effectively in the future;
  • a greater capacity to articulate internal tensions; and
  • the opportunity to practice together and integrate new tools and strategies as colleagues in a no-stakes environment.



Will you come?

$2,500.00 Redistribution Rate
This is for organizations based in the Global North or with an annual budget above US$2 million.
$2,000.00 Full Cost Rate
This is for organizations with an annual budget above US$1-2 million.