Coaching is a partnership with a purpose — and the purpose of our program is to support you make the most of your gifts, be a more self-aware and compassionate leader, spark your strategic chops, beat burnout — and, ultimately, make transformative leaps in your leadership toward a more just world. 

Pod Coaching is designed for social and climate justice leaders looking for leadership support. If you're working on complex issues and are interested in learning in an intimate group of like-minded peers from around the world, this program is for you! You'll also have the support of a certified Integral Master Coach™ to help you work toward your goals, grow your capabilities and find fresh and exciting solutions to the work you lead.

Spring’s coaches have worked with more than 200 people in 30 countries. We've coached frontline defenders, non-profit and philanthropic leaders around the world. 

Program Overview

Pod coaching is a highly interactive, peer-learning-oriented model for getting coaching support and staying motivated to reach your goals. You will begin by understanding your unique strengths and everything that got you to where you are today. You'll also set a specific intention or goal for your coaching program. We then work with you on developing new, more expansive perspectives and capacities that will enable you to realize (and possibly exceed) your coaching goal. Participation in a coaching program involves trying new things, including what lies outside of your comfort zone.

Over 5 months, the program brings you together online with 4 other changemakers for 6 coaching sessions, along with at-you-own-pace videos and tools for building new skills and capacities. Each individual participant will get customized feedback from the coach. It’s also a great way to grow your network, building relationships and solidarities across borders.

Are you ready? If you are, we promise real and sustained personal growth, including a greater capacity to realize the things you deeply care about. 

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What past participants say

"For me, it was a great learning experience and clarified many doubts I had regarding my leadership style. My goal was to be better able to develop and empower my team to act in a more proactive and creative way, with greater strategic alignment and coherence and with a more holistic vision, and I mostly achieved this goal ... I believe that everyone with management or coordination responsibilities needs this type of peer coaching. It allows us to reflect on other types of power, from resilience to collective care and prioritization of decisions."

- Tanya Elena Lockwood Fallas, Executive Director at Fundación Acceso, Costa Rica

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The total cost of the program is USD$990. If this price is out of reach for you, please get in touch with us to let us know you're interested in pod coaching and we can discuss what might be possible. We offer solidarity rates through pay-what-you-can applications.

Time Zone 1


💻 Where: Zoom

Requires video and audio.

📆 Dates: Every three weeks on Thursdays.

August 18

September 8 & 29

October 20

November 10*

December 1*

⏰ Time: 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific

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*Daylight savings time ends.

Time will remain 4pm EDT and 1pm PDT.

Other time zones will need to adjust.

💡 Your Coach:

 Kenny Sajous-Georges.

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Time Zone 2


💻 Where: Zoom

Requires video and audio.

📆 Dates: Every three weeks on Tuesdays

August 23

September 13

October 4 & 27

November 15*

December 6*

⏰ Time: 12pm UTC
(3pm in Nairobi / 5:30pm in New Delhi)

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*Countries observing Daylight Saving Time

will need to adjust.

💡 Your Coach:

Rita Brown

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