Ellen and Purity with young leaders from Akili Dada

Intergenerational Leadership

Wednesday, November 3rd, 9 AM - 10:30 AM EDT (UTC-4)

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Spring CEO and strategist Ellen Sprenger is teaming up with feminist activist-storyteller (and Spring Associate!) Purity Kagwiria for an immersive conversation about intergenerational leadership.

We inherited this world from our ancestors. We ourselves are ancestors of the future, cultivating justice we hope will be sustained for the people who come after us. The importance of cooperation between all living generations, while keeping those of tomorrow close to our hearts, is underscored by the far-reaching consequences of the climate crisis on humanity. Intergenerational dialogues and collaboration are flourishing as young people drive calls for systemic change, building on the progress forged by their elders.

What is intergenerational leadership and how does it manifest? How we nurture it? How can we manage tensions between how different generations see the scale, pace, modes and destinations of change?

The session will dive into all this in more through a combination of dynamic conversation, breakout groups, personal sharing and practical tools!