Nairobi 2018 High Impact Facilitation Intensive Case Study

Nairobi 2018 High Impact Facilitation Intensive Case Study

Nairobi, Kenya
May 14-16, 2018

Facilitators: Ellen Sprenger, Camila Soto Mourraille

Coaching support: Amis Agung Boersma

16 participants


Facilitation Intensive

Client: Public Program for
Experienced Facilitators


At Spring Strategies we believe that meetings should inspire, tap into the collective intelligence of a group, reshape how a problem is perceived, influence perspectives on how to affect change and uncover new ways of joining forces. High impact meetings generate new levels of strategic alignment, engagement and collective action. And we need more of those meetings; the future depends on it.

The Purpose of the High Impact Facilitation Intensive is to provide participants a program to develop advanced-level competencies in facilitation for collective action and impact.

The 2018 Nairobi High Impact Facilitation Intensive included a 3-day in-person workshop, post-Intensive accompaniment in the form of coaching sessions, peer support and learning, and a final 2-hour group discussion. This Case Study explores the results of the 3-day in-person workshop.


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Participant Quotes

The workshop really helped me tap into my capabilities and capacities, and will allow me to unleash my full potential.

“The High Impact Facilitation Intensive will challenge everything you thought you knew about facilitation and empower you to bring out the best in yourself and excel in your facilitation.”

“High Impact Facilitation really has the power to change communities. I now imagine the beautiful results that can be achieved in our micro-communities when we use High Impact Facilitation actively and consistently.

“Following this Intensive, I am confident I will deliver meetings with results, because I now know how to manage the different perspectives people and groups bring to bear in a meeting room.”


Nairobi 2018 Data Points


Experienced Facilitator Participants


Personal Development Goals Realized


Lead trainers and Certified Master Integral Coaches™


Organizations represented


Hours of Interactive, In-Person Training per user


Hours of Post-Intensive Online Coaching

Participant Evaluations




100% - Excellent - Good

The workshop exceeded 
my expectations

I will recommend this
workshop to others

I am very confident that I will
make significant progress as a
result of this workshop

How would you rate the 
workshop overall?

*14 participants filled out the evaluation