Meet the Facilitation Team


The Intensive is facilitated by Ellen Sprenger and Camilla Soto Mourraille

Ellen Sprenger

Ellen Sprenger - Spring StrategiesEllen Sprenger is a strategist and advocate for human rights and social justice and since 2004 the founder and CEO of Spring Strategies. She is a believer – especially in human potential and our collective ability to solve the problems of our time. During the first decade of Spring Strategies she went through five espresso machines and traveled the planet sixty-five times. Previously she was the executive director of Mama Cash, a feminist foundation based in Amsterdam, and held several leadership positions at Oxfam-Novib. Ellen holds a Masters in Development Studies, an MBA from Erasmus University, is an Integral Master Coach™ and Certified Integral Facilitator®. She has published about the future of women’s rights, organizational transformation and funding trends globally and does her most creative work listening to Marion Verbruggen playing Baroque music on recorder. Ellen is from the Netherlands and Canada and lived in Tanzania, South Africa and the United States. Her home base is Toronto and KLM seat 12C.


Camila Soto Mourraille

Camilla Soto Mourraille - Spring Strategies

Camila is a lawyer with a Master of Science in Law from Stanford University, where she is also trained in human-centered Design Thinking. Her work focuses on innovative formats and tools to promote human rights.  She has designed human rights education programs such Canal Justicia, an online education platform on law and society in Latin America, and, an open access platform of case studies on transnational human rights campaigns. She is the co-creator of the Human Rights Lab, an initiative that promotes collaborative and creative solutions to tackle human rights challenges. Recently, she designed and facilitated HRLabs for the Executive Secretary of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace in Colombia, a panel of scientists who collect evidence on the environmental impacts of developmental projects, and migrant rights defenders in Venezuela. Currently, she is coordinating the education programming at Dejusticia, where she advises the team on the development of courses, workshops, and trainings for different human rights communities.


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