Meet the Facilitation Team

The Intensive is facilitated by Ellen Sprenger, Barbara Oliveira and Magda Hoekman. All three are experienced multi-actor facilitators and Master Certified Integral Coaches™.

Ellen Sprenger

EllenS.jpgEllen Sprenger is a strategist and advocate for human rights and social justice and since 2004 the founder and CEO of Spring Strategies. She is a believer – especially in human potential and our collective ability to solve the problems of our time. During the first decade of Spring Strategies she went through five espresso machines and traveled the planet sixty-five times. Previously she was the executive director of Mama Cash, a feminist foundation based in Amsterdam, and held several leadership positions at Oxfam-Novib. Ellen holds a Masters in Development Studies, an MBA from Erasmus University and is an Integral Master Coach™ and Certified Integral Facilitator with Ten Directions. She has published about the future of women’s rights, organizational transformation and funding trends globally and does her most creative work listening to Marion Verbruggen playing Baroque music on recorder. Ellen is from the Netherlands and Canada and lived in Tanzania, South Africa and the United States. Her home base is Toronto and KLM seat 12C.


Barbara Oliveira

Barbara_Oliveira.jpgBarbara Oliveira (PhD, MBA, LLM) is a facilitator, process designer, change agent and conflict transformation mediator, strategic negotiator and host of meaningful conversations. Barbara is passionate about human connection and the potential that multistakeholder participatory approaches offer to create innovative and inclusive solutions for sustainable development challenges. Throughout her career, she has added expertise in using systemic approaches such as Theory U, Appreciative Enquiry, Systemic Constellations, Deep Democracy and the Thinking Environment, in addition to Consensus Building and interest based negotiations/mediation and has developed sustainable leadership models for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and young women leaders. She co-founded the Collaboration Laboratory focused on fostering a culture of facilitation and participatory decision making in Brazil and founded Ecosynergy – Facilitation and Capacity Building for Sustainability, through which she facilitates, trains and coaches NGOs, businesses, government agencies, international organizations and academic bodies in their initiatives to become more integrated, collaborative and better engaged with their stakeholders, in Brazil and abroad.  Barbara is also a Master Certified Integral Coach™ and a public speaker in leadership, consensus building, and collaboration.

Magda Hoekman

Magda_Hoekman_.jpgMagda served over 30 years as a change agent in education, human potential and personal development. She began her career working to improve education within several city governments in the Netherlands, serving at board level positions. About twelve years ago she felt called to become more involved in personal and systems development. In addition to her MA in political science at the university of Amsterdam, she attained a second MA degree in international development at the Institute of Social Studies at Erasmus University. Working as a facilitator and coach in Europe and Africa she really found her deep calling as she developed coaching skills within ICC. Now working as an Integral Master Coach, she integrates her experiences and skills to support leaders and change agents in achieving their full potential in work and life, focused on becoming better equipped to create a better world.
Magda is known for her insights and understanding of where people come from, being able to meet them there and supporting them in realizing more of their human potential. With backbone and heart, as a coach she is best described as both understanding and fearless in providing insights and practical support. Magda always aims to support change that is embodied within and to bring individuals and management teams to fuller engagement. Her ultimate aim is to support their longing for a more just and loving world.



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