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How does religion or spirituality support your leadership?

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 - 7pm Pacific; 7:30am in New Delhi and 9am in Jakarta (May 26).

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Join hosts Purity Kagwiria and Ellen Sprenger with special guest (and Ashoka Fellow) Nani Zulminarni.

How does religion or spirituality support your leadership? Are you excited to explore this question? Almost relieved that it is out in the open? Or do you feel strongly that religion has no place in our movements?

Join Purity Kagwiria (a great feminist and self-declared "good Christian"), Ellen Sprenger (whose favourite piece of music is Ave Maria) and Nani Zulminarni (a Muslim feminist adventurer) as they explore their religious and spiritual backgrounds (how they have evolved and how they continue to have influence). Is it a fertile and resourceful place, a place of resistance and oppression, or both? And finally, is there a need for a more intentional embrace of religion and spirituality in our organizations and movements?

The 90-minute meetup includes the usual combination of dynamic conversation, breakout groups, and practical tools.

The Leap of Leadership is Spring's free, monthly meet-up space that dives into exciting social justice topics and gives leaders a space to deepen their relationships with other changemakers around the world. Each session, we share perspectives and practical tools to help bridge the gap between the reality of today and the future we know is possible.


Will you come?