March 29 at 6 AM São Paulo | 11 AM Amsterdam | 12 PM Nairobi | 2:30 PM New Delhi | 4 PM Jakarta | 9 PM Suva (Find your timezone here)


What does a just, healthy and equitable world look like to you? To envision without constraint in our leadership we have to first start by reclaiming and cultivating our imaginative abilities. 

Radical imagination is a tool social justice leaders and movements already use to collectively shape what's possible and write new stories. As the Center for Story-based Strategy writes, "We can only walk where our hearts have first tread."

Join us on March 29 as feminist artivist Vidushi Yadav guides us through an exercise to break free of limiting frames and explore what building on a blank slate can offer us — whether that means energizing our movements and collaborations or providing clarity on how to move toward the future we want.


Speaker bio

Vidushi Yadav is a South Asian artivist, illustrator and visual designer. Her work revolves around gender justice and human rights, and she is passionate about reimagining, shifting and exploring the visual narrative that surrounds the social sector. She has been a communications and design consultant at various women's rights organizations including but not limited to the Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID), Plan International, FRIDA Fund, Oxfam International, CREA, Urgent Action Sister Funds, and Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW).

Through her work, she attempts to investigate the male gaze, representation, ableism, the gender binary, privilege and colonialism via image-making. She works from her quaint studio in Jaipur, India, with her team of queer and disability rights activists and artists.

You can check out her work here: 

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