Wednesday, September 27 at 1 PM UTC | 9 AM NYC | 10 AM São Paulo | 3 PM Amsterdam | 4 PM Nairobi | 8 PM Jakarta (Find your timezone here)


The work that many of us do involves addressing some of the world’s most complex and urgent challenges. It’s clear that being constantly exposed to distressing situations and working long hours can lead to stress and burnout, but what about the not-so-obvious stresses we experience that are hidden in both the everyday mundane and significant occurrences? What about the moments when we:
  • Lose someone close or something precious?
  • Change or lose a job?
  • Spend time doom scrolling on social media or reading the news?
  • Get a new partner, house or family member?
  • Socialize with other people?

Each of these realities produces different visible and invisible reactions in our bodies. With so much demand for our time, we live under so much pressure and aren’t even able to name the sources of our stress.

What if we normalize naming what’s really impacting us and found ways of doing something about it? In this upcoming Leap of Leadership meetup, we’ll take time to get comfortable exploring stress and dive into understanding what’s really affecting us along with what we might try to support ourselves as leaders to be more tranquil in our work and our lives.


The Leap of Leadership is Spring's free, monthly meet-up space that dives into exciting social justice topics and gives leaders a space to deepen their relationships with other changemakers around the world. Each session, we share perspectives and practical tools to help bridge the gap between the reality of today and the future we know is possible.


Will you come?