In June 2022, our community of social and climate justice leaders came together to speak frankly about the mixed and challenging emotions of taking action in the midst of a climate emergency.

Climate is a topic that stirs up many emotions: fear for our communities, grief over what we’ve already lost, anxiety about what’s to come, along with the radical hope that it is possible to change our futures. Yet, many among us are burning out. Others veer into hopelessness (or helplessness) and avoidance. In this conversation Spring CEO (and leadership coach!) Ellen Sprenger and guest Daniela Cost of Greenpeace Brasil hold each other differently, talking about what's happening around us all and what to do with the tensions we experience when trying to act on climate.

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Daniela Pais Costa is currently the Climate and Justice Manager at Greenpeace Brasil. She has over 15 years of experience advancing human rights and social justice at the global, regional and national levels. She is an Associate Integral Coach™. She was part of and led one of the most pioneering organizational changes in the development sector at the time: the internationalization of ActionAid and later on, she led the transition of multi-affiliated Oxfam to one Oxfam in the Southern Africa region. Previous to Greenpeace, she worked at Making all Voices Count, an innovative programme that tests and documents learning on whether technology can foster transparency and accountability. She has worked with organizations from over 20 countries supporting organizations and their leadership in their development with focus on strategy development, programme development, board leadership and change processes. In her free time, she reads, spend time with her beloved friends and teaches yoga.

Ellen Sprenger is a strategist and advocate for social and climate justice. Since 2004, she has been the founder and CEO of Spring. She is a believer — especially in human potential and our collective ability to solve the problems of our time. She is a curious and creative optimist, an espresso enthusiast and avid meditator. Her areas of expertise include multi-actor conference facilitation, future-scenario development, financial innovation and resilience for justice organizations globally, and executive coaching. Previously she held several management positions at Oxfam-Novib and was the Executive Director of Mama Cash, a feminist foundation based in Amsterdam. Ellen holds a masters degree in Development Studies, an MBA from Erasmus University, and she is an Integral Master Coach™ and Certified Integral Facilitator™. She is a member of the Board of, a movement working to end the age of fossil fuels and build a world of community-led renewable energy for all. Ellen is from the Netherlands and Canada, and has lived in Tanzania, South Africa and the United States.