A picture of Amis Boersma and Ellen Sprenger along with text reading: The Future of Meetings. Ellen is a 350.org Board Member and former executive at Oxfam and Mama Cash.

The Future of Meetings

Wednesday, June 30 at 9 AM - 10:30 AM EDT (UTC-4)

In June's Leap of Leadership conversation, Spring CEO Ellen Sprenger and our host, expert leadership coach Amis Agung Boersma, will explore hybrid meetings and what’s next for how we gather. 

How can we take everything we’ve learned over the past year into our in-person spaces? How also can we continue reimagining our virtual spaces so that they become even more impactful and inclusive? There’s no substitute for the magic that happens when we humans get together in the same room. Even though many of us are looking forward to meeting in person again, we know our in-person meetings need to be reinvented. Plus, the ongoing pandemic, global income inequality and the carbon footprint of international travel mean that this won’t always be possible. Virtual spaces offer an exciting and unique set of opportunities for creativity and inclusion. 

One prediction stands out from our reflections last year on the fives stages of thriving in virtual meetings: “We won’t be settling for dark windowless hotel conference rooms to get work done: we’ll want authentic and effective experiences that connect our humanity, stimulate all our senses, and make the most of us sharing proximity to one another.” This will be our last session until September, so don’t miss out!