Financial Innovation and Resilience (FIRE) Intensive

Johannesburg, South Africa

June 24, 2020 - June 26, 2020

Organizations around the world working to advance social and climate justice face a volatile and rapidly changing political and funding landscape. The work is complex and the need to adequately resource is ever present. 

What if you and your leadership team could:

  • Bring the same resilience to building financial strength as you bring to programming?
  • Use a creative, entrepreneurial approach to grow your base of supporters?
  • Gain new perspectives on money to inform your strategies?
  • Employ user-friendly financial health indicators in decision-making?

Spring's FIRE Intensive gives you these fundamentals of financial resilience and supports your team in customizing plans for greater financial strength, influence and impact. 

Meet the team
Archana Pandya
Program Development Lead, Spring

Archana Pandya is a creative rights advocate, researcher, communicator, strategist, polyglot and singer with over a decade of experience supporting a wide range of human rights and social justice initiatives. Archana has overseen the creation and expansion of OpenGlobalRights — a multilingual, global forum that explores human rights policies and strategies as well as managed and conducted research on human rights organizations and public perceptions of human rights in India, Mexico and Morocco. She has co-authored various publications on the resource mobilization challenges and opportunities for human rights groups in the Global South and is passionate about finding innovative ways to sustain and expand social and climate justice initiatives. Archana is responsible for program content and development, as well as training components. Archana holds a masters degree in International Affairs and is an accredited Integral Associate Coach™.

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English, Spanish, French, Gujarati and Hindi

Ellen Sprenger
CEO & Founder, Spring

Ellen Sprenger is a strategist and advocate for social and climate justice. Since 2004, she has been the founder and CEO of Spring Strategies. She is a believer — especially in human potential and our collective ability to solve the problems of our time. She is a curious and creative optimist, an espresso enthusiast and avid meditator. Her areas of expertise include multi-actor conference facilitation, future-scenario development, accompaniment of justice organizations and movements in building greater financial strength, and executive coaching. Ellen holds a masters degree in Development Studies, an MBA from Erasmus University, and she is an Integral Master Coach™ and Certified Integral Facilitator™. Ellen is from the Netherlands and Canada, and has lived in Tanzania, South Africa and the United States.

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English and Dutch

Proudest achievements

To always be ‘in development’, growing and waking up, and to resist the temptation of staying in my comfort zone. (Okay, I try.) And that I have been able to surround myself with people committed to doing the same.

Will you come?

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