How do you lead in times of upheaval and uncertainty?

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We are all (in some way, shape or form) wrestling with today’s stormy confluence of climate breakdown, deepening inequality and political conflict. 🌵 How is this weighing on you or creating challenges in your life and work? What are your habitual patterns when it comes to dealing with uncertainty and disorder? Are you ready to try something different? 🌺  In this 2-hour meetup on Zoom, Leap of Leadership hosts Archana Deshpande and Purity Kagwiria will guide us through conversations and practices exploring how our priorities—as individuals and organizations—offer insights into how we view the world, and how being aware of this can help us find ways of new ways of navigating turbulence in surprisingly resourceful ways.  ✨

Wednesday, April 17, 1 PM - 3 PM UTC on Zoom

9-11 AM in NYC | 2-3 PM Amsterdam | 4-6 PM Nairobi | 8-10 PM Jakarta

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What is the Leap of Leadership?

The Leap of Leadership is Spring's bimonthly meetup to deep dive into exciting social and climate justice leadership topics. Available free of charge to everyone who is subscribed to our newsletter, we meet every other month with hosts Archana Deshpande and Purity Kagwiria (and occasional guest experts and thinkers) to play and practice with new leadership strategies and connect with leaders of all experience levels from around the world.


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