High Impact Facilitation Intensive 2017

This initiative is a collaboration between Spring Strategies and EcoSynergy

The Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy, Amsterdam

October 30, 31 and November 1, 2017


Ellen Sprenger, Barbara Oliveira and Magda Hoekman

Tuition Fee EUR 2400 (USD 2500)

BogotaFacilitation_-_7_.jpgIf you work to advance social change, you likely spend a lot of time in meetings. After all, it is through powerful multi-actor conversations and collaboration that ambitious human rights and climate justice goals are realized.

And yet meetings have a bad reputation. Most people admit to daydreaming, bringing other work to meetings, spending time on social media, and confess to feeling drained.

At Spring Strategies and Eco Synergy, we believe that meetings should inspire, tap into the collective intelligence of a group, reshape how a problem is perceived, influence perspectives on how to affect change and uncover new ways of joining forces. High impact meetings generate new levels of strategic alignment, engagement and collective action. And we need more of those meetings; the future depends on it.


Are you an experienced facilitator ready to up your game? If so, we would love to work with you.


The purpose of the High Impact Facilitation Intensive is to develop advanced-level competencies in facilitation for collective action and impact. Participants work to realize personal developmental goals and demonstrate newly acquired facilitation capacities. In addition to a 3-day workshop, the Intensive includes accompaniment post workshop in the form of coaching sessions and peer support and learning.

High Impact Facilitation, Amsterdam FAQ

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$2,500.00 HIF Intensive Tuition
Tuition EUR 2400 (USD 2500)


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