Effective strategy development not only defines a vision for the future and a road map for going forward, but it also cultivates a mindset and ability to explore, innovate and respond to emerging trends. By creating and aligning on different future scenarios and focusing on the possibilities and challenges of tomorrow, people, organizations and networks develop the agility, creativity and openness needed to realize ambitious goals at an accelerated pace, and pro-actively manage change.

We conduct scenario-planning exercises with organizations and multi-actor groups looking to explore particular themes or questions about future trends or developments.

The Future Framing program is highly customized. It includes:

  • One-on-one meetings with executive leadership
  • Design and facilitation of a multi-stakeholder review and engagement processes
  • Analysis of relevant trends and development of future scenarios
  • Convening of a retreat where scenarios are presented and discussed
  • Co-creation of a unique, relevant and compelling strategic framework  
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"Why are most foundation endowments still invested in companies doing the things foundation grant money is trying to undo or prevent?"

"Is feminism about protecting all life? It is critical to intersect with the deep transformative power of indigenous perspectives."

"New opportunities come with the closing of civic space: bigger ambitions, more collaboration, greater collective power and innovations in mobilizing funds."

"Donor grants are like candy – crowding out the more time-consuming and complex work of creating alternative resource models."

"Donors taught me how to be an NGO, it was a funding requirement. Today donors complain about NGO-isation. What organizational forms best serve our purpose?"

"How do we broaden the feminist tent without losing depth, making sure multiple perspectives and localities inform organizing?"

"We need more feminist leaders in climate justice organizations."

"How relevant will our work be in a world of climate catastrophe? Feminists and environmentalists need to intersect more."

"Funding feminism is a martial art - we need ninja skills to make the case to new audiences."