Civil society organizations need financial strength to thrive. How can you build greater financial resilience and health?

SPRING’s FIRE program is internationally renowned and teaches the fundamentals of financial resilience. It includes the latest approaches in innovative financing models, transformative partnerships with funders, changing funding and investment landscape, resource development and diversification, strategic finance, external communications and leadership practice.

You will be able to:

  • Put new tools to work and build a customized action plan
  • Anticipate and respond to changes in the financial landscape
  • Evaluate opportunities for diversification
  • Use new prospecting techniques and knowledge for shaping relationships with various types of donors and funders
  • Develop a budgeting strategy that projects and captures income, costs and recovery of costs
  • Monitor progress with a user-friendly dashboard of key financial health indicators
  • Create messaging for complex work, shape powerful engagement and action, and build support through any communication channel
  • Access an international community of Financial Resilience graduates working for social and climate justice