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Unlock the confidence you need to build financial strength. In September 2022, we are offering our Virtual FIRE Fundamentals program, a 4-month long dynamic and interactive learning journey for developing essential capacities for building greater, mission-aligned financial strength.

Organizations and networks around the world working to advance social and climate justice face a volatile and rapidly changing political and funding landscape. The work is complex and the need to adequately resource is ever-present. 

What if you and your leadership team could: 

  • Bring the same resilience to building financial strength as you bring to programming?
  • Use a creative, entrepreneurial approach to grow your base of supporters?
  • Gain new perspectives on money to inform your strategies?
  • Employ user-friendly financial health indicators in decision-making?

Spring has collaborated with funders and organizations around the world to build organizational resilience, making sure that social change actors have the strategic finance plans in place to build a better world. Clients and partners include the Ford Foundation, MacArthur Foundation and their grantees ... and many more!

Want to know how it works in practice? Watch our latest FIRE impact story from Lebanon's Action for Hope.



Spring's FIRE Fundamentals program supports your team in creating and implementing customized plans for greater financial strength, influence and impact. Learn more about FIRE here.      

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