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The Spring FIRE program will support you and your team to develop financial resilience and strength for greater mission aligned impact.

The FIRE program in Indonesia started with in-person meetings with BUILD grantees and consultants in October 2019 followed by a training and cross learning program with consultants, the development of FIRE diagnostics per organization based on a survey and document review, a virtual workshop on April 6-7-8 and 9, 2020, accompaniment in the form of organizational level support and webinars and a final (in-person) workshop on October 20-21 and 22, 2020.

On this page you will find the presentations, videos, documents and tools that are shared during the program. We will continue to update the page in the coming months with content to support your unique financial innovation and resilience journey.  

The curriculum covers the following Outcome Areas and Success Indicators: 

1. FUNDING & FINANCING LANDSCAPE: Analyses and Pro-activeness

  • Respond proactively to changes in the national and international funding and financing landscape.
  • Apply ethical screens and standards to prospecting, accepting funds and investment.
  • Identify and develop a financial model that considers both challenges and opportunities given a specific context, including innovations.

2. RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT: Prospecting, Diversification and Compliance

  • Diversify income across sectors and geographies, including from individuals. Use of robust prospecting strategies.
  • Comply with best practices for contractual compliance by improving internal administrative functions.

3. STRATEGIC FINANCE: Analysis, Budgeting and Growing Capital Reserves

  • Apply a budgeting strategy that projects and captures income and expenses, allocates and recovers costs, and monitors budget to actuals.
  • Develop capital reserves in the form of operating reserves (for security and stability) and change capital (for growth, expansion, innovation and replenishment).
  • Create financial health indicators to establish goals, monitor performance and drive resource mobilization efforts.

4. EXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS: Quality of Engagement and Messaging 

  • Create clear and compelling messages across channels and platforms.
  • Understand how relationships with funders, financiers and individual supporters are experienced, and be able to create transformational engagement over time.
  • Integrate the case for support with all organizational communications and engagement strategies

5. LEADERSHIP PRACTICE: Enactment and Foundational Capacities 

  • Create an action plan on financial innovation and resilience that aligns with strategic direction.
  • Ensure staff and board understand and actively strengthen the financial health of the organization.
  • Strong foundational capacities are in place: a clear and compelling strategy, healthy governance and leadership development (including pipeline and reputation) and ability to show impact.
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