• Build a new toolbox that you can apply to your work immediately.
  • Form a customized action plan informed by clinics and consultation.
  • Create a budgeting strategy that projects and captures income, costs and recovery of costs.
  • Explore a user-friendly dashboard of key financial health indicators that can be easily absorbed by your staff and board.
  • Learn a creative, entrepreneurial approach to growing and strengthening your base of supporters through all your communications channels.
  • Gain invaluable knowledge for shaping engagement with funders leading to both transactional and transformational relationships.
  • Discover a fresh capacity to respond to changes in the funding and financing landscape.
  • Join an international community of Financial Innovation & Resilience graduates working for social and climate justice.

Please consider attending as a team to optimize the Impact! The program provides valuable time for an organization’s executive director, finance leader and resource development/communications leader to integrate financial resilience insights, practices and tools into their context as well as co-create and implement a customized action plan.