Since 2012, the Financial Resilience program has supported leadership teams from over 135 social and climate justice organizations in over 35 countries. It is infused with experiences from organizations dealing with shrinking civic space as well as those working under more favourable circumstances, offering a rare opportunity to gain both global and local insights that can be applied in different organizations.

The program introduces the fundamentals of financing and resource development grounded in the latest trends and developments. It supports organizations in customizing plans for greater financial resilience and strength, a key requirement for greater influence and impact and results in the implementation of new practices.

Areas of focus include an analysis of the changing Funding Landscape, Resource Development, Strategic Finance, Quality of Engagement, and Leadership Practice.

*For the full video about the 2015 Financial Resilience Cohort program (then called Spring Forward) in Nairobi, click HERE.



Our public 4-month long Financial Resilience programs are for individuals and teams leading their organizations in the areas of finance, resource mobilization and strategic communications. They offer the fundamentals of financial resilience and support participants in developing customized action plans. They begin with a three-day Intensive that is followed by a process of online support and coaching. Financial Resilience for Social Justice Intensives take place in different locations around the world.


Spring Strategies works closely with an organization to address their specific challenges. Support is customized to the specific needs of the organization, and consists of an assessment, a 4-day workshop, development of an action plan and post-workshop accompaniment. The total program runs for 8-12 months with frequent interactions and various forms of support, including coaching and webinars.


Our cohort program is designed for funders looking to support grantee partners in developing greater financial resilience and strength. It brings together leaders of different organizations for an 8-12 month long process of accelerated learning, including cross-learning and peer support. The stages of the cohort program include assessments per organization, a 4-day workshop for 8-10 different organizations with three representatives each, peer support and accompaniment post workshop. This program is ideal for funders who want to accelerate the financial resilience and impact of their grantee partners.