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Dealing with Doubt & Reclaiming Imperfection

Wednesday, February 23rd, 9 AM - 10:30 AM EDT (UTC-5)

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Spring CEO and strategist Ellen Sprenger is teaming up with feminist activist-storyteller (and Spring Associate) Purity Kagwiria for an interactive discussion on normalizing our fears and doubts.

We know all too well that the world is volatile, changing all the time and holding both real dangers and immense possibilities. As leaders, we're often expected to show up with certainty and unshakeable confidence. How can we soften the sharp edges of these expectations to make space for vulnerability? On the flip side, not knowing what the future holds can have us fighting inertia or feeling stuck in place. Do we adopt responsive strategies or do we make a plan and go for it? In this session, Spring's Ellen and Purity talk normalizing our doubts and fears and accomplishing the things we've been putting off

What have you been afraid of doing until now that you think you can do in 2022? Shout out to the group for this community-generated topic!

The meetup includes the usual combination of dynamic conversation, breakout groups, and practical tool.

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