February 22 at 9 AM NYC | 11 AM São Paulo | 3 PM Amsterdam | 5 PM Nairobi | 9 PM Jakarta (Find your timezone here)


In the work to address the interconnected and urgent crises affecting the planet and humanity, we often find ourselves in a constant state of busyness. We put pressure on ourselves and are called by others to respond quickly, do more, stay plugged in and show up fully in all the spaces we engage in, while also taking care of our families and communities.

But juggling and keeping up with the many demands of the day can come at the cost of our wellbeing, relationships and ultimately our ability to contribute to meaningful change in the world.

So if we must “work” with the reality of “busy,” can we dream of how to thrive in it and live our lives in resourceful ways? What are some practices for managing  “busy” so that it serves us and the causes we are passionate about? Dive into these questions with hosts Archana Deshpande and Purity Kagwiria along with Spring coach Márcia Kodama.

The 90-minute meetup includes the usual combination of dynamic conversation, breakout groups, and practical tools.

The Leap of Leadership is Spring's free, monthly meet-up space that dives into exciting social justice topics and gives leaders a space to deepen their relationships with other changemakers around the world. Each session, we share perspectives and practical tools to help bridge the gap between the reality of today and the future we know is possible.


Will you come?