Navigating complexity, multiple stories and technology are crucial for success in what we like to think of as the “New Workspace” — the dynamic space in which changemakers are working together in new ways

On the physical front, this space is increasingly virtual, a trend expedited by the pandemic, though the post-pandemic workspace is still taking shape. Spring’s focus on digital savvy will help you thrive in remote-first or hybrid workspaces (and many of the principles are also applicable to in-person and low-tech gatherings).

The New Workspace is also under new direction as fresh-thinking leaders take the helm, youth step into their power, and People of the Global Majority and underrepresented groups lead with lenses of intersectionality, equity and decolonization to transform old power relations.

Together, these shifts are driving modes of operating that increasingly rely on distributed power to make large-scale system change.

Our program will help you leverage the potential of th rich alchemy of this space.