Number of participants: Maximum of 30 people per class.

Group composition: Experienced facilitators ready to try different approaches and step up their game in the area of virtual facilitation.

Duration: 5.5 hours per day, featuring a combination of facilitated and self-directed learning in plenary and small groups.

Workshop materials: Tools, videos and articles.

Time investment: A three-day virtual event.

Location: Online Zoom video sessions. All participants will need to connect with a video camera and audio functions on their computers. Please ensure you have a strong internet connection for optimal learning.

Tuition: $750 USD (an early bird rate of $675 USD may apply).

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Virisila Buadromo, SPRING ALUMNA  of the Urgent Action Fund Says: "A really good virtual meeting is not about the online tools. It’s about how the group steps into the space and connects with each other ... I learned how I show up and how that helps or hinders the meeting process."