Bangkok 2018 Data Points

Bangkok 2018 Data Points

  1. users|23

  2. Participants

  3. table|12

  4. Financial dashboards created and reviewed 

  5. list-ol|13

  6. Action-plans for long-term financial strength and resilience

  7. slideshare|3

  8. 90-minute post-Intensive coaching sessions for each participant on Strategic Finance, Strategic Communications, and Prospecting & Diversification

  9. globe|13

  10. Organizations attended the Intensive from 11 different countries: Australia, India, Lybia, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, the Solomon Islands, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the U.S.

  11. key|5

  12. Areas of focus: the funding landscape, resource development, strategic finance, quality of donor/supporter engagement, and leadership practice